This was a rejected prototype from one of my clients. I liked the simple idea, so I decided to use it as my first mobile product.

What went right:

I had a prototype of the game running well before production started, which helped cement the framework early on. Content came together quickly, and the framework slowly congealed as time went on. Scoping down was the smartest thing I did, I kept the roster count down to a humble 12 and cut some enemy designs. What was really cool is that I used only one enemy animation controller for the entire project, which meant that all of the enemies use the same animations.

What went wrong:

I wish I spent more time on the gameplay. A majority of the time was spent building the framework and wiring up IAP and ads (hopefully this will disappear in future games).

There was only time to create 3 enemy types, and I had to scrap a few enemy designs to hit deadline. One problem I have with the current design is that the characters change the player’s performance in-game. Paying to win is something that I hate about microtransactions, and unfortunately, it was something that is built into my design.

If I were to build this game again, I would still have characters with perks, but they would not effect the end score for the game. This would likely involve the addition of powerups instead of inherited perks in order to keep the gameplay fresh.

The background is a little boring, I could have added some more flair to it.

Also the 3rd party mobile framework completely broke my builds. It had too many dependencies to outdated plugins, which made it a nightmare to build on IOS. Roll your own mobile systems.

What I learned: 

Launching an app involves a lot of steps not involving developing the game. I will likely make a second PM for the marketing and advertising aspects of SMASHY BUBBLE after the hard launch.

It’s really hard building the first product, however, everything built can be reused in the next product and it’s a venture worth taking.

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